Tentacle Life Ring 1

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Yorkshire rose

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Current work in progress.

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Latest creation, hopefully taking this off the page.

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Business card idea #1 trying out some indian ink.

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Heart, anchor, scroll….. Not that traditional though.

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Hand drawn evil octopus, can’t stop drawing the buggers. All sharpie

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More of the bats! @Tiffers_PS

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@A_Neg_Narrative jeggins are out, ink legs are the new “in”

Bits of Drew Millward, Kosy, a giraffe and other bits and bobs.

@DrewMillward @kosy_crackhead

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awwww poor bloody bambi,

don’t invite me to a colouring in competition.

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Tried to do a drawing a day…… this was day 1. 

There were no more

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The Radiator LP cover by Super Furry Animals

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More chit chat on the subject of moi!

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That thing you get inside 6” records, on a wrist

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